Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah

Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah embarked on a remarkable journey that began with a strong foundation in education and a passion for cybersecurity. With a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in Telecommunication Engineering and an MS in Telecommunication Systems Engineering (specialization in Cybersecurity) from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, Hafiz honed his skills and knowledge in the field.

As a seasoned Cybersecurity Advocate and Red Teamer, Hafiz founded NanoTechx Private Limited, a cybersecurity startup company that boasts four innovative infosec products, funded by Ignite and HEC. This venture marked the beginning of Hafiz’s entrepreneurial endeavors, where he led the company’s growth and success.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Hafiz served as a Lecturer of Cyber Security at the Department of Computer Science, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Karachi, Pakistan. His experience extended to working with multinational companies as a Security Engineer/Red Teamer, where he gained valuable insights and expertise in the industry.

Hafiz’s accolades include being the Regional/Country Champion of the Microsoft Imagine Cup and winning numerous international competitions. He also serves as Cisco Community Lead for Pakistan and is recognized as an SME and Community Expert for Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, and Certiprof.

Throughout his career, Hafiz has delivered and organized more than 40 training sessions, initiating multiple impactful initiatives such as Cisco Community Pakistan, MLSA, and IEEE. His efforts have reached over 29,000 people worldwide, contributing significantly to cybersecurity awareness and education.

One of Hafiz’s notable achievements was his undergraduate Final Year Project, where he conducted a comprehensive assessment of his university’s web servers, discovering over 80 vulnerabilities and effectively remedying them. This project not only showcased his technical acumen but also earned him the prestigious Best Project Award (1st prize) at his university.

Driven by a passion for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, Hafiz pursued professional certifications with industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft. These certifications, including CCNA, CyberOps, DevNet Associates, Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associates, Azure Security Associates, Azure AI and 360 Fundamentals, and Aviatrix Multicloud, solidified his expertise in the cybersecurity domain.

Hafiz’s journey from rejection to success is a testament to his resilience, determination, and continuous pursuit of excellence. He remains focused on continuous learning, innovation, and making a meaningful impact in the realm of Information and Communication Technology, aiming to solve society’s challenges and foster a secure digital landscape for all.

Additionally, Hafiz’s achievements include being a Speaker at the Global 5G Conference, Runner-up at the National Cybersecurity Hackathon by Ignite, receiving the Best Startup Idea Award in the Infosec category at Research and Technology Showcase 2022 at Expo Center, being recognized as the Cisco NetAcad Most Active Global Instructor for 2021-22, being a Finalist and Runner-up of the BuiltByHer 3.0 Hackathon sponsored by UBL, being a Pro Contributor on GitHub and Expert-Category at Kaggle, serving as a Judge and Panelist at Hack n Build Hackathon organized by NUCES Fast Karachi in May 2022, earning the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert status, achieving the Best BS Thesis/FYP 2021 (First Position) award, getting Startup Nanotechx selected for incubation at the National Expansion Plan of NICs and at the National Incubation Center (Pakistan’s Biggest Incubation Network), becoming a Premium Instructor at Udemy (published 2 courses), and receiving a Bounty from HackerOne for multiple Critical, High, Medium level vulnerabilities. Additionally, Hafiz received swags for CloudSeekho 1, 2, and 3 from Google Cloud.